Why the AMA Wants to Muzzle Your Doctor

Is the American Medical Association usurping its power to keep your physician quiet? The American Medical Association (AMA) trying to silence doctors who oppose Obama’s health care package.

After a Florida urologist placed a sign in his door indicating that patients who voted for President Obama should seek care elsewhere, the AMA issued the following statement:

“[P]hysicians might reflect on how to properly balance their obligations as members of the medical profession with their rights as individual citizens who will be affected by reform. In particular, physicians may wonder whether it is appropriate to express political views to patients or their families.”

Many doctors believe that this as an attempt to keep them from sharing their thoughts about health care reform with their patients.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Hal Scherz says: “… the AMA … wants to protect a monopoly that the federal government has created for it — a medical coding system administered by the AMA that every health-care professional and hospital must use … This monopoly generates income of $70 million to $100 million annually for the AMA.”