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Baseline Health Screening

Dr Robert Mathis, MD

Dr Robert Mathis, MD

Baseline Health Screening is a unique wellness program developed by Dr. Robert P. Mathis, MD, ABAARM, ABIHM, CNS, C.Ad, MCP, that focuses on proactively maintaining wellness instead of passively waiting for illness. By measuring how well your body systems are functioning, you now have an unprecedented opportunity for preventing medical problems and maintaining optimal well being using proven cutting edge wellness strategies.

  • Low cost – affordable by all
  • Achieve the balance of body systems necessary for overall well being
  • Measure the effects of nutritional supplements you take
  • Modular approach allows your care to be customized to your needs
  • State of the art equipment for accurately testing the body systems
  • Tests are non-invasive and non-destructive (no pain)


Dr Mathis’ Practice has been recognized as one of the top Santa Barbara Family Medicine practices.

Dr Mathis has been an Urgent Care-Family Physician for 17 years. He is also Board Certified in Holistic Medicine (ABHM). Dr Bob’s background in the field of medicine, physiology, teaching and urgent care, along with being a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), puts him at the forefront of Medicine.


The Power of Health Screening


We test your body systems to determine your baseline of health.

We then know where improvements can be made to fine tune your body to optimum health and vitality at all ages.

It’s fast and easy to start planning a wellness program with a specially-trained physician.

The low cost Baseline Health Screening program allows you to stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest through disease prevention, anti-aging and well being enhancement strategies.


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Mission Statement

  • To measure body function non-invasively and non-destructively.
  • To measure how well a body system is working when challenged
  • To measure how well that system regulates its products.
  • To provide performance information to the client and their healthcare provider, that may allow early interventional opportunity to optimize health.
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