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The low cost Baseline Health Screening program allows you to stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest through disease prevention, anti-aging and well being enhancement strategies.


Amino Acids Screening

Protein is the building blocks of many controlling substances in the body. Without these fine controls the system is unable to rebuild itself or send or receive messages between cells. Specific protein deficiencies may be at the basis of migraine, eczema, ADHD, and many other diseases of varying severity. Urine or serum testing may give clues to these potential imbalances allowing the health care giver to focus and optimize treatment. Inadequate protein utilization or other metabolic disorders may be illuminated.

Amino Acids Analysis Urine or Plasma (pick one) $240

The test quantifies the levels of circulating (plasma) or excretion of amino acids with metabolites (urine). Essential and nonessential amino acids are quantified. Functional deficiencies of a number of mineral and vitamin co-factors can be seen.


Balance Screenings

Sensitive balance testing can discover subtle, non-symptomatic problems before a trip and fall occurs. Subtle neuropathies, central nervous system problems may be recognizable long before the patient is aware of them.

Both resting and stressful challenge are evaluated to see how well the center of gravity is maintained. It is easily seen when balance is at risk.


Blood Screening

Sensitive balance testing can discover subtle, non-symptomatic problems before a trip and fall occurs. Subtle neuropathies, central nervous system problems may be recognizable long before the patient is aware of them. Both resting and stressful challenge are evaluated to see how well the center of gravity is maintained. It is easily seen when balance is at risk.


Cellular Screening

The cell is a factory. It has inputs and outputs of products. Raw materials must be shipped into and waste products and usable products are shipped out of the cell. Cell membranes are composed of fats, proteins (imbedded in the membrane), sugars attached to the membrane and the proteins, pours or channels in the membrane control the flow of calcium, potassium, sodium, water and other substances into and out of the cell.

Cells must maintain a trans membrane electrical potential to function at their best. It is possible to measure the electrical capacity or the ability of the cells to maintain this potential and to measure the character of the cell membranes. These measurements are electronic based and use to describe a healthy verses an unhealthy cell. Various treatments including vitamins, minerals, type of dietary fats, and other ingredients can raise these values.

Cell Health – Phase angle, impedance, resistance, total body water, intercellular water, interstitial water and other measurements. $45


Detox Screening

Coming soon.


Diabetes Screening

Diabetes Blood Sugar Challenge $35
Tests done pre- and post- meal, Sandwich & Large Soda. Specifically challenges the body’s ability to handle a carbohydrate load. Similar to the glucose tolerance test done at the hospital, but done with more data points, this test does not miss a sugar peak.

Diabetes Continuous Glucose monitoring $185
Wear device 2 days measures 288 sugars/day, exact control determinable.


Electrolytes Screening

Coming soon.


Essential Sugars Screening

Discovered years ago, sugars that make up the glycol-lipid and glycoproteins of the body. These eight (8) essential sugars may have far reaching medicinal value. They help cells communicate and may help to prevent or even stop cancer. There is an abundance of research on the topic of glycoproteins and glycolipids.

Glyco-protein and lipid testing – ask about this testing.


Fats Screening

Sixty-seven percent of the brain is made of fats. All cell membranes are constructed of the dietary fats. Fats are electrically charged and form an electrolytic barrier between inside and outside the cell. This electric barrier creates the electric potential necessary to cause the cell to perform its job. Poorly charged cells can not stop or slow erroneous reactions. Body health is intimately associated with the fatty bipolar layer surrounding all cells. It is well known that omega 3 oils are cardioprotective, reduce arthritic pain and decrease the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown the value of Omega 3’s in bipolar disease and ADHD in children. It is now possible to monitor the dietary fats with testing and determine the content of and ratios of dietary fats. The specific fats are determined and dietary adjustments can be directed.

Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acid Analysis – $160

Omega 3, 6, 7, 9, Trans Fats and Saturated fats levels and percent are determined. Enzyme function is visualized showing upregulated or impaired function. Anti-inflammatory vs proinflammatory index is shown. Cell membrane fluidity is measured. Oxidative stress is measured via renegade fat conversion measurement. Insulin dynamics is shown.


GI / Liver Screening

A healthy GI tract and Liver are essential to acquiring and disposing of products to and from the body. Foods, Medications, Toxins, Vitamins, Minerals, Homeopathy are all cycled through the body and used as needed. Errors in metabolism may block the flow of these products thus causing the possible buildup of an otherwise non-toxic substance turning it into a toxic substance.

The GI – Liver as a team along with the kidney and bile system are our first line of defense protecting us from Toxicity or an over abundance of other-wise non-toxic substances. Detoxification is the process of clearing the body of substances. Testing measures how well the liver is able to detox the body and how well oxidative stresses are handled. The test breaks Detoxification into its two parts: Phase I and II. Function of each phase is visualized showing capability of the system. Oxidative stress management shows how well free radicals and renegade fat production are being controlled. It is believed that oxidative stress is the cause of many of the aging diseases Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer, Diabetes, CFS, Cancer. Antioxidants in the diet help to control oxidative stress damage.

Gastrointestinal Health Panel (GI-1) – includes stool culture, Ova and Parasites screening, Bacterial stool pathogens, Clostridium difficile Antigens, Giardia Antigen, Crytosporidium Antigen, Ameba Histolytica Ab, H. pylori Ab, Chymotrypsin, Occult Blood, Fecal pH, Intestinal SIgA, Intestinal Lysozyme, Alpha Anti-Chymotrypsin, Gluten Intolerance Test. $175,

GI-2 panel – all of above plus Tapeworm Ab, Roundworm Ab, Tissue worm Ab, Toxoplasma Ab, Cow’s milk intolerance, Soy intolerance, egg intolerance. $235

Gut Immunology $149 • Intestinal Permeability $65

Detoxification Profile (Comprehensive) – measures phase I and II reactants, can see ratio between phase I and II reactants, see low gluthione, glycine, sulfation, glucuronidation, cysteine levels. Suggests guide lines for supplementation to improve detoxification capability. $130


Health Performance Screening™

Heart Electrical Test – $175 An electrical monitor is worn by the patient over night for total of 24 hours. Seven (7) leads are attached to the chest and one is attached to the back to monitor the heart electrical activity. Seven different tests are done.

  1. A Holter includes a check for Atrial fibrilation, max-min Heart rate, ectopic beats, slow-fast heart rates, many types abnormal beats
  2. SAECG Test measures late potentials and is predictive of future abnormal rhythms
  3. Heart Rate Variability is a measure of the autonomic nervous systems communication with the heart
  4. QT/QTc measures the length of the QT segment of the heart wave and is predictive of future adverse events 5) Sleep apnea potential is measured via statistical analysis comparing ratios of various heart electrical parameters. A positive test may necessitate a full sleep study to rule out sleep apnea
  5. Vector Cardiography visually shows the electrical angles of the heart as electrical energy travels through the heart. This helps determine foci of ventricular beats, clarifies ST depression events and verifies end of T-wave when correlated to the EKG
  6. ST segment analysis to measure ischemia (loss or low oxygen) to the heart

Heart Pump Check – $75 Non-invasive test of heart pump function check, tells how well the pump is working, good for patients with CHF or High Blood Pressure. The test measures – SBP (Systolic blood pressure), DBP (Diastolic), MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure), CI (Cardiac Index), CO (Cardiac Output), SI – stroke index, SV – stroke volume, SVRI – systemic vascular resistance index, SVR – systemic vascular resistance, AI – acceleration index, VI – velocity index, TFC – thoracic fluid content, LCWI – left cardiac work index, LCW – left cardiac work, STI – Systolic time ratio, PEP – pre-ejection period, LVET – left ventricular ejection time.

Blood Pressure, Mean Arterial Pressure, Pulse Pressure Free


Hearing Screening

New and exciting testing is coming to the hearing area. Specialized hearing testing can measure function of the ear. Subtle hearing changes or unnoticed losses can be pickup. Early detection of nerve disease may be possible.

Hearing Testing – Contact us for pricing.


Hormone Screening

Hormones direct almost all body processes. They regulate the immune system, grow hair, control metabolism, control blood pressure, mood and many more body processes. Mild hormone deficiencies go virtually unnoticed for years until symptoms begin. Memory, energy, mood, depression are all effected by hormone balance. Anti-aging technology is learning how to re-balance hormones to optimize body function and improve daily quality of health. Hormones can be measured in the blood (bound), saliva(free or unbound) and urine (free and metabolites).
Blood – The standard of care. Measures the test substance in the bound state. The bound hormone is unable to perform work but is an indicator if the availability of hormone to do work. Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone, Testosterone, Progesterone, DHEA, DHT, Prolactin, TSH, Free T4, Free T3, pregnenalone, Cortisol, ACTH. They are priced from $36. Bundled panels are less expensive.

Saliva – Adrenal Stress Index $99, Male hormone panel $93, Female hormone panel – menopausal $93, Female hormone panel – menstruating, 11 days of the month are tested and rhythmic problems are visualized. $163

Urine – Collected urine over the 24 hours is thought be many to be a more accurate measure of system function. It averages out the circadian rhythm and possible errors that occur with serum testing.
24 hour collections: 25 hormones including metabolites $225
Adrenal Panel $195
Male hormone panel $230
Female hormone panel $196
Thyroid Free T3 $58
Estrogen metabolites – $58 measures the ratio between 2-OH and 16-OH estrone which according to many researchers is suggestive of a link to cancer risk.


Hydration Screening

Using a bioimpedance system developed to monitor drug trials, it is possible to estimate the hydration level and see changes when more or less fluid is taken in. All body reactions depend on the hydration level and quality of the water we drink.

Cell Health – Phase angle, impedance, resistance, total body water, intracellular water, interstitial water and other measurements. $45


Immune System Screening

It is now possible to measure the activity of the various parts of the immune system. NK Killer cells are principal defense against cancer. NK Killer cell activity give the patient an idea of the functional health of these specialized cells. They seek out and address the cancer cells in the body when they are working correctly.

Immune cell testing – Contacts us for options and pricing.


Kidney Screening

Kidney – The kidney is the main excretory organ. It clears the body of waste material, detoxified waste, water and electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, chloride and bicarbonate. It helps to maintain body balance of these and other essential body chemicals. Hormones are made water soluble by the liver and excreted by the kidney. Most medications are dependant on the kidney to be cleared from the blood. Good kidney function is essential to the quality of life. Many toxic materials are harmful to the kidney including some medications. Aging, in general, gives rise to decreased kidney filtration and function.

Creatinine Clearance – A 24 hour urine is collected and a specific chemical, creatinine is measured. The per minute excretion is a measure of part of kidney function/filtration. This value is a measure of the kidney’s ability to rid the body of toxics and other filtrates.


Lung Screening

PFT – pulmonary function test, measures the lung volumes, airway restriction from asthma or airway disease from smoking, inhalation of toxics, etc.

Diffusional studies – measure ability of lungs to pass oxygen into and carbon dioxide out of the lungs. Damage to the lung tissue or thickening of the lung tissue is measured by this test.

Oxygen Saturation Percent – measures the ability of the lungs, heart and blood to saturate the blood with oxygen. The maximum saturation is 100%. The patient is asked to walk fast is for two minutes. If the blood desaturates this could represent a problem with the lungs, heart, or blood.

Blood Oxygen Saturation level quick check – Free

Blood Oxygen Saturation 24 hour study $135 Lung-blood function, Sleep Problems, find low oxygen problem


Nerves Screening

Nerve conduction velocity tells how well the nerve and associated components are functioning. NCV of the long nerves (at the foot ) are usually affected first by a disease process such as diabetes or other demyelinating process.

Nerve conduction velocity – measures the speed of the energy as it travels along the nerve fiber. $135

Balance testing – determines how well a person can control their center of gravity and balance. Dynamic testing may be able to sort out those patients who are likely to have a trip and fall in the future. $145


pH Screening

Coming soon.


Saliva Screening

Coming soon.


Skin Screening

The largest organ in the body needs our attention. Spots or lesions must be screened for on a regular basis to find troubled areas as early as possible. Specialized cameras can capture pictures of suspicious spots and record the character and appearance. As time passes these areas can be re-pictured to notice changes and decide if a biopsy or removal is required.

Skin Screen – Whole body screening and digital photography of any and all suspicious are is completed and stored on computer for future comparison. $175


Sleep Screening

Blood Oxygen Saturation 24 hour study $135

Lung-blood function, Sleep Problems, find low oxygen problem.


Stress Screening

The common denominator of modern western life. Stress contributes to over all body aging and breakdown. Stress puts the body in a catabolic state, a breaking down state, using up precious resources some easily renewed and others not so easily replenished. It is best to be in a more anabolic (building up) than catabolic (breaking down) state. Adrenal glands control this balance by producing Cortisol the main stress hormone. Cortisol raises blood sugar, increases Insulin (now known to be highly inflammatory) and leads to general burn out or adrenal fatigue. Cortisol effects almost all circulating hormones which can mean hormone deprivation (estrogen, testosterone, thyroid as examples).

Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) – $99

Measures Cortisol at 4 specific times throughout the day, DHEA level, DHEA-S level, Total SIgA level, Gluten Ab, 17-OH Progesterone and Insulin (x2).


Toxicity Screening

The environment has taken a beating over the years. And the earth’s inhabitants are now exposed to substances the body has never seen nor may be prepared to detoxify.


Urine Screening

Coming soon.


Vision Screening

New and exciting testing is coming to the vision area. Cameras that take pictures of the retina give a snapshot of the health of this vital organ. Specialized vision testing can measure function of the eye. Subtle vision changes or unnoticed losses can be pickup.

Vision Testing – Contact us for more information.


Vitamins Screening

Coming soon.