Stress Screening

The common denominator of modern western life. Stress contributes to over all body aging and breakdown. Stress puts the body in a catabolic state, a breaking down state, using up precious resources some easily renewed and others not so easily replenished. It is best to be in a more anabolic (building up) than catabolic (breaking down) state. Adrenal glands control this balance by producing Cortisol the main stress hormone. Cortisol raises blood sugar, increases Insulin (now known to be highly inflammatory) and leads to general burn out or adrenal fatigue. Cortisol effects almost all circulating hormones which can mean hormone deprivation (estrogen, testosterone, thyroid as examples).

Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) – $99

Measures Cortisol at 4 specific times throughout the day, DHEA level, DHEA-S level, Total SIgA level, Gluten Ab, 17-OH Progesterone and Insulin (x2).