Hormones Screening

Hormones direct almost all body processes. They regulate the immune system, grow hair, control metabolism, control blood pressure, mood and many more body processes. Mild hormone deficiencies go virtually unnoticed for years until symptoms begin. Memory, energy, mood, depression are all effected by hormone balance. Anti-aging technology is learning how to re-balance hormones to optimize body function and improve daily quality of health. Hormones can be measured in the blood (bound), saliva(free or unbound) and urine (free and metabolites).
Blood – The standard of care. Measures the test substance in the bound state. The bound hormone is unable to perform work but is an indicator if the availability of hormone to do work. Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone, Testosterone, Progesterone, DHEA, DHT, Prolactin, TSH, Free T4, Free T3, pregnenalone, Cortisol, ACTH. They are priced from $36. Bundled panels are less expensive.

Saliva – Adrenal Stress Index $99, Male hormone panel $93, Female hormone panel – menopausal $93, Female hormone panel – menstruating, 11 days of the month are tested and rhythmic problems are visualized. $163

Urine – Collected urine over the 24 hours is thought be many to be a more accurate measure of system function. It averages out the circadian rhythm and possible errors that occur with serum testing.
24 hour collections: 25 hormones including metabolites $225
Adrenal Panel $195
Male hormone panel $230
Female hormone panel $196
Thyroid Free T3 $58
Estrogen metabolites – $58 measures the ratio between 2-OH and 16-OH estrone which according to many researchers is suggestive of a link to cancer risk.