Health Performance Screening™

Heart Electrical Test – $175 An electrical monitor is worn by the patient over night for total of 24 hours. Seven (7) leads are attached to the chest and one is attached to the back to monitor the heart electrical activity. Seven different tests are done.

  1. A Holter includes a check for Atrial fibrilation, max-min Heart rate, ectopic beats, slow-fast heart rates, many types abnormal beats
  2. SAECG Test measures late potentials and is predictive of future abnormal rhythms
  3. Heart Rate Variability is a measure of the autonomic nervous systems communication with the heart
  4. QT/QTc measures the length of the QT segment of the heart wave and is predictive of future adverse events 5) Sleep apnea potential is measured via statistical analysis comparing ratios of various heart electrical parameters. A positive test may necessitate a full sleep study to rule out sleep apnea
  5. Vector Cardiography visually shows the electrical angles of the heart as electrical energy travels through the heart. This helps determine foci of ventricular beats, clarifies ST depression events and verifies end of T-wave when correlated to the EKG
  6. ST segment analysis to measure ischemia (loss or low oxygen) to the heart

Heart Pump Check – $75 Non-invasive test of heart pump function check, tells how well the pump is working, good for patients with CHF or High Blood Pressure. The test measures – SBP (Systolic blood pressure), DBP (Diastolic), MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure), CI (Cardiac Index), CO (Cardiac Output), SI – stroke index, SV – stroke volume, SVRI – systemic vascular resistance index, SVR – systemic vascular resistance, AI – acceleration index, VI – velocity index, TFC – thoracic fluid content, LCWI – left cardiac work index, LCW – left cardiac work, STI – Systolic time ratio, PEP – pre-ejection period, LVET – left ventricular ejection time.

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