GI – Liver Screening

A healthy GI tract and Liver are essential to acquiring and disposing of products to and from the body. Foods, Medications, Toxins, Vitamins, Minerals, Homeopathy are all cycled through the body and used as needed. Errors in metabolism may block the flow of these products thus causing the possible buildup of an otherwise non-toxic substance turning it into a toxic substance. The GI – Liver as a team along with the kidney and bile system are our first line of defense protecting us from Toxicity or an over abundance of other-wise non-toxic substances. Detoxification is the process of clearing the body of substances. Testing measures how well the liver is able to detox the body and how well oxidative stresses are handled. The test breaks Detoxification into its two parts: Phase I and II. Function of each phase is visualized showing capability of the system. Oxidative stress management shows how well free radicals and renegade fat production are being controlled. It is believed that oxidative stress is the cause of many of the aging diseases Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer, Diabetes, CFS, Cancer. Antioxidants in the diet help to control oxidative stress damage.
Gastrointestinal Health Panel (GI-1) – includes stool culture, Ova and Parasites screening, Bacterial stool pathogens, Clostridium difficile Antigens, Giardia Antigen, Crytosporidium Antigen, Ameba Histolytica Ab, H. pylori Ab, Chymotrypsin, Occult Blood, Fecal pH, Intestinal SIgA, Intestinal Lysozyme, Alpha Anti-Chymotrypsin, Gluten Intolerance Test. $175,

GI-2 panel – all of above plus Tapeworm Ab, Roundworm Ab, Tissue worm Ab, Toxoplasma Ab, Cow’s milk intolerance, Soy intolerance, egg intolerance. $235

Gut Immunology $149
Intestinal Permeability $65

Detoxification Profile (Comprehensive) – measures phase I and II reactants, can see ratio between phase I and II reactants, see low gluthione, glycine, sulfation, glucuronidation, cysteine levels. Suggests guide lines for supplementation to improve detoxification capability. $130