Fats Screening

67% of the brain is made of fats. All cell membranes are constructed of the dietary fats. Fats are electrically charged and form an electrolytic barrier between inside and outside the cell. This electric barrier creates the electric potential necessary to cause the cell to perform its job. Poorly charged cells can not stop or slow erroneous reactions. Body health is intimately associated with the fatty bipolar layer surrounding all cells. It is well known that omega 3 oils are cardioprotective, reduce arthritic pain and decrease the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown the value of Omega 3’s in bipolar disease and ADHD in children. It is now possible to monitor the dietary fats with testing and determine the content of and ratios of dietary fats. The specific fats are determined and dietary adjustments can be directed.

Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acid Analysis – $160

Omega 3, 6, 7, 9, Trans Fats and Saturated fats levels and percent are determined. Enzyme function is visualized showing upregulated or impaired function. Anti-inflammatory vs proinflammatory index is shown. Cell membrane fluidity is measured. Oxidative stress is measured via renegade fat conversion measurement. Insulin dynamics is shown.