Cellular Screening

The cell is a factory. It has inputs and outputs of products. Raw materials must be shipped into and waste products and usable products are shipped out of the cell. Cell membranes are composed of fats, proteins (imbedded in the membrane), sugars attached to the membrane and the proteins, pours or channels in the membrane control the flow of calcium, potassium, sodium, water and other substances into and out of the cell. Cells must maintain a trans membrane electrical potential to function at their best. It is possible to measure the electrical capacity or the ability of the cells to maintain this potential and to measure the character of the cell membranes. These measurements are electronic based and use to describe a healthy verses an unhealthy cell. Various treatments including vitamins, minerals, type of dietary fats, and other ingredients can raise these values.

Cell Health – Phase angle, impedance, resistance, total body water, intercellular water, interstitial water and other measurements. $45